We invite you to take the next step in the RdV journey.

Our Ambassadorship is for those who are looking for something deeper and more exclusive: a rare opportunity to be a part of a great American winemaking story. Joining grants you access to our small production wine, as well as opens a world of connection and community.

2/2 Ambassador

2/2 offers special access to the very best we produce. In RdV you will find not only a wine, but a story. You receive two bottles of Rendezvous (valued at $150) in the Spring and two bottles of Lost Mountain (valued at $350) in the Fall.

Join 2/2 Ambassador

$500 + Tax

-- Convenient auto renewal
-- Complimentary shipping during Spring and Fall Release Periods
-- Access to limited release wines reserved for members only

Estate Ambassadorship

This membership includes 6 bottles of Lost Mountain each Fall and 6 bottles of Rendezvous each Spring. Limited availability.

Join Estate Ambassadorship

$1500 + tax

-- Convenient auto renewal 
-- Complimentary shipping during Spring and Fall Release Periods
-- Access to Ambassador Only Events
-- Invitation to Spring and Fall Release gatherings